Books I have read recently

  • Shirley by Charlotte Bronte — I'm reading a giant biography of the Brontes "Wild Genius on the Moors" By Juliet Barker (amazing!! but I'll post on that when I finish) So I'm reading each novel as it's discussed in the book. I loved Shirley. I have to agree with the critics that it is a slow painful start and it does take about 150 pages till we meet the title character Shirley. But besides that, it is so well written. Caroline Helstone’s angst is beautiful and poignant. And knowing that the last third of the book was written after Emily & Anne died explains so much about the change in the book. Charlotte likes to fix her world by writing about it and in her version the sick heroine recovers where her sisters did not. I definitely recommend Shirley for the Bronte fan. Don’t skip it.
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas --- It took me a couple chapters to really dive in but after that I was in love. I had read somewhere that it was based on Beauty & the Beast, which is great. What I did not know is that it is a retelling of one of my favorite fairytales: East of the Sun, West of the Moon!!! What a treat when I discovered that. I love that story. It's whimsical and the girl saves the day which I love love love. Sarah does a beautiful job of it and I can't wait for the next one!!
  • Miss Buncle’s Book by D. E. Stevenson —What a little treat. My mom gave these books to me for my birthday and there are so much fun. It’s a light easy read and it made me chuckle.
  • Shadow Study by Maria V. Snyder— I adore her soul finder books. I’ve been reading them for years. She builds beautiful strong women and sweeping romance. Her magic system is unique and I want to live in her world.
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and E. B. White — A must read for every writer. Thanks to Stephen King for the recommendation. It has all those little things that I had questions about and answered them quickly and succinctly. It’s not the funnest read but it’s helpful.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

"So what do you do for fun?"

So i am doing some charts Thursday after clinic. I'm sitting with this girl. We are making small talk when suddenly she looks over with great curiosity and pity? and asks "So what do you do for fun?". I am a little put off by the personal question suddenly thrust upon me. She is a very outgoing girl who enjoys ... different activities than me. She lives with her boyfriend and they are "practically married" but she is not yet 21. So I know that if I answer truthfully she will think me the most pathetic thing she has seen. So instead of saying " oh I really love to read. There are few things I enjoy more than watching Cinderella 3 and maybe running on the treadmill as i watch if I am feeling especially reckless. I don't really have a plethora of friends in Charlotte so I may study and have tea with Jenn" but instead I tried to think of the most exciting thing I do... took me a second. Okay everyone thinks Florida is cool so I say " Yeah I go down to Florida once a month to see my boyfriend and friends. We got to the beach and stuff around." Man it sounds lame just reading it. Thankfully right at that moment there was a distraction and the topic was forgotten. I'm sorry I don't party or drink. So most of my crazy moments involve Crook or CCDM. By the way there was a raccoon the size of a large beagle in the garage tonight. Don't worry Crook and H saved the day. Ok so that's my story.


Jennifer Marie said...

Well I think "tea with Jenn" is totally intense and extravagantly wild! lol...I dont' know if "extravagantly" is a word--- aaaand only cool people watch Cinderella III..oh! Guess thats you!

Tania Luna said...

Don't be afraid to be yourself. By saying your monthly adventures to Forida are what you "do" you are completely discrediting the rest of your life which is the real part. Remember from passion and purity about not living for the moment you are together....Anyway I know you used this as a ploy but you have no reason to say anything other than the truth. This girl has no idea how lucky she is to have you so close:0) I am excited to see you soon!
One last thing. Don't totally bash or prejudge this girl. There may be a lot you dont know about her....
One other last thing I am working a double today and watching youtube videos of Anne and Gil. SO MANY. haha

Anonymous said...

Aww sister, that is sad. How can you have fun without me there? jk I miss you and, meg, look around, who can say that honestly do amazingly fun stuff all the time? You do what's fun to you and that's awesome. I'd rather die that go out dancing or clubbing haha I guess that's supposed to make you feel better. I love you more that life.